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Due to the improved health facilities, life standards and other socio-economic factors, average life expectancy has gone up considerably, which resulted in sharp increase in the elderly population. Transcending the national boundaries, the issue assumed an international ramification. The rapid ageing of population, particularly of people over the age of 85 is a world-wide phenomenon. Every month one million persons become seniors.

Population is ageing more rapidly in ANDHRA PRADESH than in any other states in India. As per 1991 census 9% of the total population was above 60 years as against the all-India average of 7%. By the year 2021, AP is expected to have elders 20% of the entire population. AP is fast becoming an 'aged society', a status now enjoyed by the industrialized countries. These countries have well developed programmes of social security and protection for their elders; thanks to their long periods of planning to meet the challenges of ageing and the aged. Till recently, the policy makers or the Public here are not even conscious of the gravity of the problem.

It is with this back ground a humble attempt is made in November 1991 at KANURU, VIJAYAWADA in Krishna District to form a state level organization of older persons of AP which resulted in the formation of Senior Citizens' Forum and it aims providing a forum for the older persons to join together, above all considerations for caste, creed, economic status and political affiliations to develop social contact, share friendship and fellowship, exchange ideas and wealth of experience and expertise and minimize severity of solitude and feelings of being neglected in the twilight years of the life.

Our Aims

To provide a forum for the older persons to join together, without any considerations of religion, caste, creed, economic or social status, or political affiliation, for developing social contract, share friendship and fellowship and exchanging their wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas and minimizing solitude and sense of being neglected during the twilight years of their life.

To educate older persons on the nature, gravity and extent of their physiological, psychological and sociological problems.

To persuade the Governments and Society in general to evolve creative welfare schemes for the benefit of older persons, recognising that welfare of the aged is a social obligation.

To utilise the knowledge, expertise, and experience of the older persons for the good of the society.

To take up and implement social service projects, either solely or in co-ordination with other voluntary organizations.

To create awareness in the general public and the members of the Forum in particular on the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.



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Sri.Chukkapalli Kusalava.